2 réflexions sur “Marché de Noël d’Avignon 2015 – vidéo Dailymotion

  1. Six PM, 25 December, 2001

    It is her birthday, still she works
    The wok, offering noodles, broccoli,
    Special home-baked Christmas cookies
    Brought to the table in a plaid tin.

    Ruskin, home of the traveling tomato,
    Plays host to a broad cross-section
    Of Christmas diners. No Tet here. An
    Eight-pack multi-generation family walks in.

    Spanish and Chinese attempt to communicate
    In English. Three couples in a row
    Pick up take out. Over 60, loneliness
    Screams from behind steaming plastic lenses.

    Intermingled fortunes make her wonder
    What the next customer will want.
    You can’t believe everything you eat,
    But we know crunchy veggies cleanse.

    The dog and the dragon do not always get along.
    She says thank you so much as she accepts
    A three-song CD gift from a strange man,
    Now done eating, looking to make a call.

    Hard working Spanish-speaking revelers
    Eat Chinese for Christmas dinner. She
    Points to a pay phone, so the dog and dragon
    Talk, then drive away from the vacant mall.


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